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Hello! My name is Ilja [eel-yah ] Gubins.

I'm a computer science Ph.D. student at Utrecht University. Under the supervision of Remco C. Veltkamp and Friedrich Förster, I'm figuring out how to apply deep learning to cryo-electron tomography.

I'm also co-founder and CTO at CryoCloud. We are removing entry barriers for cryo-electron microscopy data processing and bringing high-end compute power to anyone, on-demand, and directly through the browser. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact us!

My research interests include computer graphics, 3D computer vision, and 3D reconstruction. In my free time, I tinker with home automation and data visualization. During my bachelor's studies, I have worked in Java backend and Javascript frontend web development. During my master's studies, I did a summer internship at Moving Picture Company and wrote my thesis at Technicolor R&I.