Hello, world!

My name is Ilja (pronounced as IL-YA) Gubins. I'm a y.o. game and media software engineer. Most of my life I've spent in Riga, Latvia, where I've graduated (June 2015) University of Latvia with BSc Computer Science degree. After that, I've graduated (November 2017) Utrecht University (Netherlands) with MSc Game and Media Technology degree.

I've worked as a backend Java developer at Exigen Services Latvia and half a year as a frontend developer at Tawk.to. In June-August 2016 I've interned at Moving Picture Company in London, UK as a FX Software Developer Intern. In March-August 2017 I've interned at Technicolor R&D France Immersive Lab in Rennes, France as a Software Research Intern.

I have experience in Java (incl. Android), Javascript (incl. NodeJS), Python (mostly scientific and data analysis), C++ (mostly embedded programming, graphics and computer vision) and different frameworks for them, as well as some DevOps (Docker, Zabbix, Graphite) stuff.

Feel free to contact me by any means listed in the sidebar, or check my resume for more detailed information about me.